In the months after Theo’s death, on July 21 2015, the need for the Theodore Bikel Legacy Project became clear; by January 2016 we were well into our activities.

Some of us who love Theo and are active in his Legacy work make the mistake of thinking, without really noticing, that if only we could find the perfect way to keep Theo’s gifts alive, he personally will come back again, reappear with his guitar and laugh and sing until the sun comes up. It is hard to accept the reality and the permanence of death. But luckily, Theo left so much behind for us to see, hear, read, touch: and he did so purposefully, at least in his later years. He thought often about the question of what remains after our body leaves. He began to the sing the Yiddish song “Ver Vet Blaybn” (What will remain) more and more often in those final years; his other favorites towards the end were “In my Own Lifetime”, and “While I’m Here” (When I”m Gone).

It is an immense honor to be charged with Theo Bikel’s legacy. It is very clear that if he were still here in these troubled times that have fallen upon us, he would be raising his voice with a great and urgent passion, morning and night, calling out for justice, singing out for freedom, for love between our brothers and our sisters, all over this land.

Thank you for your support-Your donations, and love, are needed, and appreciated.

Aimee Ginsburg Bikel,
Theodore Bikel Legacy Project.


Peter Yarrow: Activist, singer/songwriter, “Peter Paul and Mary”.
Nadine Epstein, Publisher and Editor in Chief, Moment Magazine.
Chazan Mike Stein, Temple Aliyah.
Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal, M.D
Jean and Jerry Freidman, Founders Shalhevet High School, The Zimmer Children’s museum.
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz, Congregation P’nai Tikvah


U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy.
US senator Ed Markey.
Arlo Guthrie, Acitivst, singer/songwriter.